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    Yell for The Blue Sky 2016 – 青空エール
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    ◾ Movie: Yell For The Blue Sky
    ◾ Romaji: Aozora Yell
    ◾ Japanese: 青空エール
    ◾ Director: Takahiro Miki
    ◾ Writer: Kazune Kawahara (manga), Yukiko Mochiji
    ◾ Producer: Hisashi Usui, Kei Haruna, Takahiro Kawada, Yusuke Ishiguro
    ◾ Cinematographer: Motonobu Kiyoku
    ◾ Release Date: August 20, 2016
    ◾ Runtime: 126 min.
    ◾ Genre: Teen
    ◾ Distributor: Toho
    ◾ Language: Japanese
    ◾ Country: Japan

    Yell for The Blue Sky 2016 – 青空エール

    Tsubasa Ono (Tao Tsuchiya) is in the first grade of Shirato High School in Sapporo, Japan. The high school is famous for its baseball team and brass band. While Tsubasa Ono views a trophy for the brass band, she meets Daisuke Yamada (Ryoma Takeuchi) who is standing next to her and staring at the trophy for the baseball team.

    Tsubasa Ono tells Daisuke that she came to Shirato High School after she watched the brass band cheering from the stands during the Koshien baseball tournament. Daisuke is also in the first grade of high school and a member of the high school baseball team. He promises Tsubasa Ono that the team will make it to the Koshien baseball tournament and she can cheer from the stands there. Tsubasa has difficulties learning to play the trumpet for the brass band, but Daisuke cheers her up. She begins to have feelings for Daisuke and they go forward with their dream.

    Yell for The Blue Sky 2016 – 青空エール

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    Yell for The Blue Sky 2016 – 青空エール