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    Wife for Rent 2020 아내를 빌려드립니다
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    DOWNLOAD:                     http://bc.vc/SOCYmxL

    Ae-ra who has been living as a a chauffeur for women is often deprived of her own money by her husband who takes them away. To earn 30,000 won, Ae-ra, did whatever the boarders wanted, and then one day, she received a strange offer from her husband. Her husband who used to swear a lot started to have her for rent through SNS to raise money for gambling, while she feels like she’s going to die every day. Then one day, a certain fate comes to her…

    Original title: 아내를 빌려드립니다
    Release date: 14-05-2020
    Genre: 18+, Adult, Erotic
    Release year: 2020
    Directors: No Hyun-jin

    Wife for Rent 2020 아내를 빌려드립니다

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    Wife for Rent 2020 아내를 빌려드립니다