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    Utopians 2016 – 同流合乌
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    Title : Utopians
    Original Title : Utopia / Tung lau hap woo / 同流合乌
    Release Date : 26 October 2016 (Hong Kong)
    Starring : Adonis He, Jackie Chow, Ching-Man Chin
    Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance, Erotic

    Utopians 2016 – 同流合乌

    Hong Kong director Yunxiang sixth works. High dream of literary youth Gao Jinxuan, met Socratic teacher mirror table, deeply by a nameless attraction, and his girlfriend Joey’s world, from heaven to earth. In this search for inner love and sexual orientation to the Sentimental journey, Jin Xuan feel from time to time by the Mishima Yukio literature world call, that destination, like near real, far, He had a vision of a moth-and-fire fire. And then join the beautiful sentimental mysterious girl poetry rhyme, unbounded spirit Qing, lingering with the mundane love of reincarnation.
    With the love of art and the pursuit of wisdom, is enough to live in the earthly life in the poetic world? She and he and her uninhibited kingdom, not that you have been afraid to pursue the utopia?

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    Utopians 2016 – 同流合乌