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    Two Mothers (2017) Full Korean Movie
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    두 엄마 (du eom-ma)

    Directed by Lee Do-si (이도시)
    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance
    80min | Release date in South Korea : 2017/08/__
    Two best friends long for each others’ mothers.
    Joon-hyeong was broken-hearted by his crush and his friend Dae-jin’s mother Seo-yeong comforts him.
    Seo-yeong offers to teach him sex to make him a real man and Joon-hyeong can’t decline.
    Meanwhile, Dae-jin is popular with the girls unlike Dae-jin. However, he’s had a crush on Joon-hyeong’s mother Yeon-hee for a long time. Dae-jin heard from Joon-hyeong that his parents might get a divorce and Dae-jin sees this as his chance.

    Two Mothers (2017) Full Korean Movie

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    Two Mothers (2017) Full Korean Movie