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    The Story of the Expedition Woman 2 (2020)
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    DOWNLOAD:                   http://bc.vc/gwGXykK

    Directed by Choi Sung-eun-I (최성은)

    •Drama •Erotic

    68min | Release date in South Korea : 2020/__/__
    Seol-ah is having a small party to celebrate her 100th day with her boyfriend Do-jin. As the party went on, Seol-ah suddenly fainted and collapsed. Do-jin tampered the drink with a drug.

    Do-jin invites his friend Dong-joon to film him sexually harassing a dejected Seol-ah with a camcorder.
    Seol-ah, who opened her eyes the next day, is shocked and tries to escapes the house when she sees Dong-jun lying next to her, but is forced to have sex with Do-jin, who has changed 180 degrees.

    Seol-ah, who later felt violated by Do-jin and Dong-jun, decides to leave for Japan.

    The Story of the Expedition Woman 2 (2020)

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    The Story of the Expedition Woman 2 (2020)