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    The Last Princess 2016 Full Movie – Korean
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    Directed by Heo Jin-ho (허진호)

    Screenplay by Choi Geun-ho (최근호), Heo Jin-ho (허진호), Kim Hyeon-jeong (김현정), Lee Han-eol (이한얼), Seo Yoo-min (서유민)

    •Historical •Melodrama •Romance
    127min | Release date in South Korea : 2016/08/03
    Also known as “Princess Deokhye”
    Crank in : 2015/11
    Based on the novel of the same title written by the author, Kwon Bi-young, which was published in 2009. This film depicts the story of the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty, who had to live a misfortunate life as a daughter of Gojong, the Emperor Gwangmu.

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    The Last Princess 2016 Full Movie – Korean