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    The First Time 2 (2019) 첫경험 2
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    첫경험 2 (cheot-kyeong-heom 2)
    Directed by Kim Tae-soo (김태수)

    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    Release date in South Korea : 2019/08/08
    Choong-heon, who is about to leave for the army soon, drinks away his sorrows with Geon-woo. On the way home, he finds Jeong-in, who is sleeping on the street, and takes her back to his house. The next day, she thanks Choong-heon and buys him breakfast. Then she tells him what happened. Apparently, she passed out after drinking out of anger for her friends teasing her that she’s a virgin, and she asks Choong-heon to be her first experience after all he’s done for her.

    The First Time 2 (2019) 첫경험 2

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    The First Time 2 (2019) 첫경험 2