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    Swapping: Two Women 2020 스와핑 : 두 여자
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    DOWNLOAD:                  http://bc.vc/8b2Sb3u

    His wife has been acting strange. Oftentimes, she would go wherever, won’t receive his calls, and won’t reply when asked. The husband, Dong-seok, who suspects his wife’s strange behavior, finds a business card in her car and visits it. He meets Hani there, the woman she saw in a video, and while he was immersed in her story, he experienced something strange.

    Original title: 스와핑 : 두 여자
    Release date: 26-03-2020
    Genre: 18+, Adult, Erotic
    Release year: 2020
    Directors: Wang Ji-bang

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    Swapping: Two Women 2020 스와핑 : 두 여자