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    Sister’s Secret Housemate (2020) 자매의 은밀한 동거
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    DOWNLOAD:                    http://bc.vc/LOecMVB

    Directed by Richard Kim (리차드 킴)


    70min | Release date in South Korea : 2020/__/__
    Mi-jin and Mi-soo, move out and came to Seoul to find a job. Mi-jin who used to have a boyfriend, happened to know a building owner in Seoul, and the meeting with the landlord begins.

    However, Mi-soo liked Mi-jin’s ex-boyfriend, Ji-hwan, and she thinks it’s her chance to seduce Ji-hwan to go out with her. The sisters and ex-boyfriend’s secret live-in affair starts.

    Sister’s Secret Housemate (2020) 자매의 은밀한 동거

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    Sister’s Secret Housemate (2020) 자매의 은밀한 동거