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    Sincheon Station Exit 3 (2020) 신천역 3번출구
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    DOWNLOAD:                     http://bc.vc/3juGaj0

    Directed by No Hyun-jin (노현진)

    •Drama •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    74min | Release date in South Korea : No release date in Korea yet
    Min-ji who just turned 20, lives on the street day by day, doing a part-time job she stumbled upon after running away because of a conflict with her stepfather. Then one day, Min-ji gets to know a newlywed couple, Mary and Soo-hyeok. The couple clothed Min-ji in warmth like no one else in the world, and as they took care of her in their different ways, Min-ji makes a statement of harsh determination.

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    Sincheon Station Exit 3 (2020) 신천역 3번출구