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    Proof of Innocence 2016 Full Asian MoviesOriginal Movie
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    • Time: 120 min
    • Original Name: 특별수사: 사형수의 편지 / Proof of Innocence
    • Date:

    The following Proof of Innocence Full with English Sub has been released.
    The manager (Kim Myung-Min) of an attorney’s office, who was once a detective, receives a letter from prison. The letter concerns a prisoner (Kim Sang-Ho) who insists he is innocent. The manager of the attorney’s office learns that the detective in charge of the prisoner’s case is a former rival of his. To gain personal revenge, he begins investigating the case.

    Name: Proof of Innocence

    Original name: 특별수사: 사형수의 편지

    Director: Kwon Jong-Kwan

    Cast: Kim Myung-Min, Kim Sang-Ho, Kim Young-Ae

    Release year: 2016

    Runtime: 120 min

    Status: Complete

    Country: Korean

    Subtitles: English

    Genre: Crime, Mystery

  • Stars Kim Myung-Min, Kim Sang-Ho, Kim Young-Ae
  • Director Kwon Jong-Kwan
  • Kind Korean Drama, Korean Movie Full 2016, Korean Movie Full 2017, Korean Movies
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    Proof of Innocence 2016 Full Asian Movies