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    Pioneer 2016 – 先锋之那时青春
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    Title : Pioneer
    Original Title : 先锋之那时青春 / Pioneer of the Youth
    Release Date : December 12, 2016 (China)
    Starring : Ma Xueyang,Liu Chau Cheng, Zhang Yuan, Xiao Xu, Guo Ketong
    Genres : Drama, History, War

    Pioneer 2016 – 先锋之那时青春

    The film led by the leadership of Guizhou Province in 1964 to Beijing to ask Chairman Mao inscribed “Zunyi meeting site” when Chairman Mao recalled Zunyi because of inaccurate information led to the defeat of the Tucheng campaign to form the story of the Red Army intelligence advance team, mainly about the Red Army advance The small unit to overcome difficulties, and the enemy wits and eventually to the weak force of the Red Army to obtain valuable information and time to win the victory of Loushanguan reversal of the Red Army in the passive situation everywhere shocking story.

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    Pioneer 2016 – 先锋之那时青春