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    Perfect Imperfection 2016 – 我是处女座剧照 / I am Virgo
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    Title : Perfect Imperfection / I am a Virgo
    Original Title : I am Virgo / 我是处女座剧照 (Wo Shi Chu Nu Zuo)
    Release Date : November 25, 2016 (China)
    Starring : An Yixuan, Anzai Yin, Fang Zhongxin, Song Jia Yang, Wang Shuai
    Genres : Romance, Comedy, Drama

    Perfect Imperfection 2016 – 我是处女座剧照 / I am Virgo

    The film tells of being a Virgo tea restaurant manager Ye Xiaomeng (An Yixuan decoration), due to emotional obsession, perfect for love, increasingly wasted into “left women.” Yaotao girlfriend (Wang Shuai Shuai ornaments) joked that she had a “virgin plot.”The same as the Virgo character and Ye Xiaomeng very different food editor of the cold (Anzai Xian decorated) game world, in the eyes of outsiders is a cynical playboy, but his “Friends of the base” Song baby (Song Jia Yang decorated) Know, because the emotional obsession, cold has never been too tempted feeling.Cold security because of the error to the Ye Xiaomeng tea restaurant negative comments, the two friends together, do not know each other; and during this period Ye Xiaomeng occasionally met in all respects with their ideal mate of the restaurant general manager David (Fang Zhongxin ornaments), and David also because of Ye Xiaomeng’s character and running off his fiancee Linda (Zhang Xun decorated) have many similarities, and its goodwill, the two came together. Several scattered around the original in Shenzhen, the protagonist, because the cold burst sudden loss of taste and together, from the needle to the warmth of each other, a lot of misunderstanding and jokes.David has been out of the shadow of Linda, Ye Xiaomeng this brooding, she can not accept that this relationship is the “third person.” And cold and Ye Xiaomeng also get along in the day and night, his initiation of the heart feeling.David and David both involved Ye Xiaomeng emotional world, one side is a rich love story of small meat, the other side is unable to get out of the former shadow of the warm men and uncle, Ye Xiaomeng can break through the “virgin plot” to find true love.

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    Perfect Imperfection 2016 – 我是处女座剧照 / I am Virgo