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    Naomi 1993 Full Movie – Japan Movie
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    Download / Watch Online Streaming Naomi 1993 DVDRip J-Movie Hot Japanese Erotic Classics Movie Full HD Film Semi 530mb (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: The story is focused around a man’s obsession for a modern girl. The main character, Joji, is a well-educated Japanese man who is an electrical engineer in the city, and comes from a wealthy landlord family. He wishes to break away from his traditional Japanese culture, and becomes immersed in the strange new Westernized culture which was beginning to form in Japan. The physical representation of everything Western is embodied in a young girl named Naomi. He sees her for the first time in a cafe and instantly falls for her exotic “Eurasian” looks, Western-sounding name, and sophisticated mannerisms. He decides he will raise Naomi, a fifteen-year-old cafe hostess, to be his perfect woman: in this case he will forge her into a glamorous Western girl.

    Naomi 1993 Full Movie – Japan Movie

    Title: Naomi 1993

    Directed by: Toshiki Sato

    Stars: Yumika Hayashi, Kyôko Irohani, Mineo Sugiura

    Genre: Drama. Romance, Adult, Erotic

    Language: Japanese | Sub: Subscene

    Country: Japan

    Naomi 1993 Full Movie – Japan Movie

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    Naomi 1993 Full Movie – Japan Movie