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    My Wife’s Excuse 2016 아내의 사정 (a-nae-eui sa-jeong)
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    My Wife’s Excuse 2016 아내의 사정 (a-nae-eui sa-jeong)

    Directed by Cha Yoon-yeong (차윤영)

    •Drama •Melodrama •Romance

    79min | Release date in South Korea : 2016/11/03

    The undeniable seduction of first love.
    Ahn Dami is home alone in a house where her husband doesn’t come back. He doesn’t come back until morning and she’s alone again. She goes to the fitness club to work out. However, her target is not just working out. After she lost the first love she gave everything up to, she decides to live the rest of her life as a hot woman. Then the first love she thought had disappears and appears again in front of her…

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    My Wife’s Excuse 2016 아내의 사정 (a-nae-eui sa-jeong)