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    Mother’s Lover 3 (2019) 엄마 애인 3
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    엄마 애인 3 (eom-ma ae-in 3)
    Directed by Jeong Jin-ho (정진호)

    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    74min | Release date in South Korea : 2019/05/24
    Ji-ye gives up the rights to all inheritance to her stepmother after her father dies, and cuts herself off after she is given the expenses to study abroad. One day she hears from her aunt that, according to the will, she might have rightful joint ownership to a house that costs 40 times more than it originally did. Ji-ye and her sex partner, Do-sik, visit her stepmother to make amends.

    Her stepmother already has a boyfriend, and Ji-ye changes her mind to get rid of the disclaimer that she signed. However, it is nowhere to be found and Ji-hye is attracted to her stepmother’s boyfriend…

    Mother’s Lover 3 (2019) 엄마 애인 3

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    Mother’s Lover 3 (2019) 엄마 애인 3