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    Master and Man (2019) 발광하는 현대사
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    발광하는 현대사 (bal-gwang-ha-neun heyon-dae-sa)
    Directed by David Cho (조성규)

    Screenplay by David Cho (조성규)

    •Drama •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    93min | Release date in South Korea : 2019/07/18
    Hyeon-dae and Min-joo thought one of them getting married would end the sex-partner relationship. However, they can’t hold in their desires and Hyeon-dae destroys himself with sex, while Min-joo can’t give up what she can’t have. At the same time, they have a complicated and ugly relationship with past characters.

    The chaotic modern history of sex tells the tale of an ugly desire and an exciting, but bitter story.

    Master and Man (2019) 발광하는 현대사

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    Master and Man (2019) 발광하는 현대사