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    Lustful Revenge 1996 Full Movie – Japan Movie
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    A young female detective is on the trail of a serial killer who prays on female victims.

    Director: Masaru Konuma

    Stars: Kazuhisa Kawahara, Itsumi Ohsawa

    Genres: Crime | Thriller

    Country: Japan

    Language: Japanese

    Lustful Revenge 1996 Full Movie – Japan Movie

    File Info
    Title/ IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0284279/
    Genre: Crime, Thriller
    Cast: Itsumi Ohsawa, Kazuhisa Kawahara
    Source: DVDRip
    Format: mp4, 2ch
    Language: Japanese
    Subtitle: Chinese and English Hardcoded
    Note: Reupload

    Lustful Revenge 1996 Full Movie – Japan Movie

    I rented this film based on the one on-line review I could find about it. To my surprise it wasn’t horrible. The plot involves a desperate attempt to find a serial killer that is slashing up pretty women in Tokyo. There are some scenes of extreme sexual violence that will easily offend those not used to it. However if you like this sort of thing, you can’t go wrong with this. It is basically the combination a soft porn and “Silence of the Lambs” with a little bit of “New York Ripper” thrown into the mix. Precisely the type of film that would never have been made in the US. Worth a rental.

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    Lustful Revenge 1996 Full Movie – Japan Movie