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    KITA KITA I See You, 2017 Full Movie
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    MOVIE TITLE:Kita Kita The Movie



    DATE:TBA 2017 (Philippines)

    DIRECTORS: Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo

    CAST:Alessandra De Rossi,Empoy

    KITA KITA I See You, 2017 Full movie

    FILM ABOUT: Kita Kita The Movie full movie HD is romatic-comedy movie starring by two hot comedian.Film is about 2 individuals, seemingly an unlikely match, are eating at a dining establishment together. It seems they are taking pleasure in. Their conversation culminates in as the young boy’s smooth, sweet words entertain the lady and the two laugh together. The girl then delegates go to the bathroom and it is then discovered that she is blind.

    This is the easy property of the trailer for Kita Kita, a movie by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo. In the brief however sweet teaser, we are presented to 2 charming characters played by Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Pogi and quickly the audience is in love– now we need to understand exactly what occurs next in their love story!

    KITA KITA I See You, 2017 Full movie

    Kita Kita The Movie Full Movie Watch tagalog Online

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    KITA KITA I See You, 2017 Full Movie