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    Killer Li Mo 2017 – 杀手离沫
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    Title : Killer Li Mo
    Original Title : 杀手离沫 / Killer LiMo
    Release Date : January 17, 2016 (China)
    Starring : Liu Naping / Lee Qing Tian / Li Zixiong / Min Zheng
    Genres : Drama, Action, Suspense, Crime

    Killer Li Mo 2017 – 杀手离沫

    Thailand Border, 1997.
    Jin entertainment will be split within the gang, killing each other, leading to the death of the gang boss at home, his daughter flee from the foam, the final killer organization saved. Three years later, in the organization of the arrangements she has eradicated his father’s enemies, but also undermine the gold entertainment in the Mekong River drug trading, can she did not think that the smooth action is just a trap, crisis Has been pressing.
    Gold entertainment will be a drug dealer repeatedly destroyed an unknown female killer, and the police locked drug traffickers are always the first to kill the female killer, which makes both anxious, from the foam by the police and the two sides of the hunt and kill, and At this time from the foam after the big conspiracy has just gradually surfaced … …

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    Killer Li Mo 2017 – 杀手离沫