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    Jin-joo’s Loss of Innocence (2018) 진주의 순결상실
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    진주의 순결상실 (jin-ju-eui sun-gyeol-sang-sil)
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    Directed by Kim Daniel (김다니엘)

    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    76min | Release date in South Korea : 2018/08/24
    Kind and glamorous Jin-joo shares the details of her life.

    Jin-joo is an actress who is sexier than a model and is good at what she does. Her fans have prepared a special present for her. She talks about her secrets and private life for the first time and it’s very different from what he know of her. She talks honestly about her first ‘experience’ and the intimate facts about women.

    Jin-joo’s Loss of Innocence (2018) 진주의 순결상실

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    Jin-joo’s Loss of Innocence (2018) 진주의 순결상실