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    Her Secret Lesson 2020 엄마와 딸의 은밀한 레슨
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    Jin-cheol and Hye-jung are lovers. But both sexes are clumsy and disappointed with each other. Hye-jung is saying goodbye to Jin-cheol. Jin-cheol encourages his friend Kyung-soo to teach that he has a god of sex. Shin Il-il, the god of sex, accepts Jin-cheol and gives him tremendous training. Born premature ejaculation Jin-cheol starts to get better. Jin-cheol has been reborn as a stud through practical training with female assistants. I am going to meet Hye-jung. Jin-cheol satisfies Hye-jung with tremendous energy.

    Original title: 엄마와 딸의 은밀한 레슨
    Release date: 10-04-2020
    Genre: 18+, Adult, Erotic
    Release year: 2020
    Directors: Kim Seok-man

    Her Secret Lesson 2020 엄마와 딸의 은밀한 레슨

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    Her Secret Lesson 2020 엄마와 딸의 은밀한 레슨