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    HARU (2014) 관계
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    그 누구도 알아서는 안 될 비밀스러운 “관계”가 시작된다.일본 유학 시절에 낳은 수현의 딸 ‘하루’가 애인의 배신으로 인해 생긴 마음의 상처를 안고 엄마수현이 있는 한국으로 오게 된다. 수현은 자신의 동거 남 정신과 의사 ‘영웅’에게 하루의 치료를 부탁하고 영웅은 수현을 위한 마음으로 하루를 자신의 딸처럼 아끼며 치료해준..

    관계 (gwan-gye)
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    Directed by Kim Myeong-seo (김명서)

    Screenplay by Kim Myeong-seo (김명서), Park Jong-soo (박종수)

    •Drama •Melodrama •Romance

    91min | Release date in South Korea : 2014/08/27
    There’s a relationship no one should know about.

    Psychiatrist Yeong-woong and his wife have been married for 10 years. They’ve lost interest and now neglect each other. Life is just a dull routine for them. Then one day, Haru, a child Soo-hyeon had when she was a student in Japan shows up in front of them hurt and exhausted from her boyfriend’s betrayal. Soo-hyeon asks Yeong-woong to treat her and as a psychiatrist, he does his job. However, as the sessions progress Yeong-woong feels more for Haru than he should and starts thinking of a relationship beyond a doctor and a patient…

    HARU (2014) 관계

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    HARU (2014) 관계