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    Good Bye, Talking Dog 2017 – 話す犬を、放す
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    Movie: Good Bye, Talking Dog (English & literal title)
    ◾ Romaji: Hanasu Inu wo, Hanasu
    ◾ Japanese: 話す犬を、放す
    ◾ Director: Madoka Kumagai
    ◾ Writer: Madoka Kumagai
    ◾ Producer: Masahiko Inishi, Suguru Kubota, Miyuki Sato
    ◾ Cinematographer: Yoshiko Osawa
    ◾ Release Date: March 11, 2017
    ◾ Runtime: 84 min.
    ◾ Distributor: Atticus
    ◾ Language: Japanese
    ◾ Country: Japan

    Good Bye, Talking Dog 2017 – 話す犬を、放す

    Reiko Shimomura (Miho Tsumiki) is a 43-year-old unpopular actress. She teaches acting at an acting school. Popular actor Daisuke Sanda (Hidekazu Mashima), who used to perform at the same theatrical company as Reiko, recommends her for a movie. Reiko hears that she is cast for the movie.

    One day, she receives a phone call from her mother Yukie (Reiko Tajima). Her mother tells her that she can sometimes see her pet dog Chiro who died in the past. Her mother suffers from Lewy body dementia. Reiko struggles with her last chance to become a successful actress and to live with her mother.

    Miho Tsumiki Reiko Tajima Hidekazu Mashima Yuki Konoe
    Reiko Shimomura Yukie Shimomura Daisuke Sanda

    Good Bye, Talking Dog 2017 – 話す犬を、放す

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    Good Bye, Talking Dog 2017 – 話す犬を、放す