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    Gisaeng: A Flower’s Confession (2017) 기생 : 꽃의 고백
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    기생 : 꽃의 고백 (gi-saeng: ggoch-eui ko-baek)
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    Directed by Hong Tae-sun-I (홍태선), Lim Hyuk (임혁)


    Release date in South Korea : 2018/01/25
    In the early 20th century, there was a group of female artists called Heohwa, Gisaeng, who bloomed like flowers in the cultural world but disappeared without a sound.

    They were perfectly beautiful and were elites in cultural activities such as acting, dancing, and playing instruments. They were pioneers who went beyond tradition and accepted new things. A famous saying quotes, “Even a dancer like Choi Seung-hee came to Gunsan to learn how to dance.”
    However, their lives had to be hidden. Distortion of their livelihoods discouraged them and the word forgot about them. Having been a gisaeng is a shame they would now like to rid themselves of.
    Why did the world make them hide?
    The story we never new begins now.

    Gisaeng: A Flower’s Confession (2017) 기생 : 꽃의 고백

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    Gisaeng: A Flower’s Confession (2017) 기생 : 꽃의 고백