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    Forbbiden Lust (Korean Movie – 2017) – 금지된 애욕
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    금지된 애욕 (geum-ji-doin ae-yok)

    irected by Lee Min-II (이민)

    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance
    Release date in South Korea : 2017/07/19
    Hyeon-seok dreams of becoming a famous director. His wife leaves to Japan to get funds for her husband’s movie and asks him to audition a new actress. On the day of the audition, Hyeok-seok asks Eun-bi about her values and passion in movies and when she says she’ll do anything and even strip, Hyeon-seok tells her to pretend he’s a friend. He tells her to seduce him. Eun-bi does everythng she can to do so…

    Forbbiden Lust (Korean Movie – 2017) – 금지된 애욕

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    Forbbiden Lust (Korean Movie – 2017) – 금지된 애욕