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    Escort Bar Oppa 2020 호빠오빠
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    DOWNLOAD:                     http://bc.vc/BgXCbXG

    The head and players of Z Escort Bar, where only the real players gather. In front of these guys, ground shattering, hot female guests came to visit. Choi Si-won who is said to be one of the top 20 self-proclaimed business leaders will make a deal with the young woman in charge of public affairs. Meanwhile, the ace, No-il, meets Jeong Yu-ri who only thinks of herself, while forming an ambiguous relationship with his rival, Ko-tae.

    Original title: 호빠오빠
    Release date: 07-06-2020
    Genre: 18+, Adult, Erotic
    Release year: 2020
    Directors: No Hyun-jin

    Escort Bar Oppa 2020 호빠오빠

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    Escort Bar Oppa 2020 호빠오빠