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    Erotic Model (2018) 음란한 모델
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    음란한 모델 (eum-ran-han mo-del)
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    Directed by NS. Tak (노승택)

    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    71min | Release date in South Korea : 2018/__/__
    Photographer Ji-yong goes to Pattaya in Thailand for a Maximum photo shoot and he asks his assistant Il-bong to accompany him.

    The two of them can’t wait to enjoy the Pattaya nightlife. The moment they arrive, they have a hot night with the sexiest partners they can find, but they are late for work the next day.

    Model Ice, who is the most sought-after celebrity, isn’t happy about Ji-yong’s unprofessionalism and stops the whole photo shoot. Ji-yong and Ice can’t see eye to eye and Ice talks about what happened with Ji-yong five years ago. Will they ever get along?

    Erotic Model (2018) 음란한 모델

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    Erotic Model (2018) 음란한 모델