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    Door of Destinies 2 2016
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    Sex with a stranger …
    Her desire wakes!
    Hibiki, beautiful enough to win at a beauty contest in college, is a three-year-old housewife who married in-house love.
    She lives with her mother and three without a child.
    I often struggle with my husband who wants a child but does not try his night.
    Then one day, when Hibiki, who had noticed his husband’s affair, was upset,
    Sugiyama, who works in the water department, comes into Hibiki’s home without being questioned
    She sets up her bugging device and the house stays in the hollow to confine her and rape her.
    Apparently Sugiyama was the one who had known her since college,
    Hibiki gets more and more colored in his training.
    Hibiki waits for her husband to return.
    More and more heart changes begin to take place …

    Door of Destinies 2

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    Door of Destinies 2 2016