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    Compatibility 2020 궁합
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    Hannah and Gangsan are neighbors upstairs and downstairs who live in the same one-room villa. Hannah is dating boyfriend Kunhee, who has a lot of money but has severe premature ejaculation. It is full of strength in everything, and especially one night is the best. Poor Gangsan, who hasn’t changed his job yet, has a pretty girlfriend, Bora. He continues his crushing relationship between the local playground and the fast food restaurant. I’m fed up with the lack of sex with Gunhee, and Hannah. Sometimes I go to and from the motel, but I can’t satisfy my burning passion, Bora is sick of having a date with Gangsan, who is incapable of having fun and having fun. Then the four of you are a coincidence. There is a big case of partner changing.

    Original title: 궁합
    Release date: 17-04-2020
    Genre: 18+, Adult, Erotic
    Release year: 2020
    Directors: Jeong Do-soo

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    Compatibility 2020 궁합