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    College Girls’ Secret Job (2019) 여대생들의은밀한아르바이트
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    여대생들의은밀한아르바이트 (yeo-dae-seang-deul-eui-mil-han-a-lue-ba-i-teu)
    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    71min | Release date in South Korea : 2019/05/06
    Young and beautiful college girls have bizarre, yet hot and sexy jobs.
    They will do anything their customers want.

    A reporter who’s working on a special report visits a group of college girls who have bizarre jobs. The first girl has a job ‘reviewing sex toys’. Park Seon-mi uses sex toys herself and writes reviews about the pros and cons, as well as points for improvement. The second girl is a hair model for “hair-down-there”. Ah-reum sometimes provides sex to the ‘hair designer’, too. The third girl’s job is giving sexual services to the handicapped. Seol-yeong finds value in the work she does as a White Hand, as they call it in Japan. The fourth girl, Eun-bit, is a private tutor’s assistant, where she lets the lecturer touch her body in front of the students to show how a woman’s body responds to different touches. The last and fifth girl is assistant to a urologist. She helps ejaculate semen, and she’s very fond of her job. The reporter anticipates future college girls’ jobs.

    College Girls’ Secret Job (2019) 여대생들의은밀한아르바이트

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    College Girls’ Secret Job (2019) 여대생들의은밀한아르바이트