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    Chongqing Hot Pot 2016 Full Asian MoviesOriginal Movie
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    • Time: 97 min
    • Original Name: 火锅英雄 / Chongqing Hot Pot
    • Date:

    From director Yang Qing (One Night at the Supermarket) comes Chongqing Hot Pot, the official opening night film at the Hong Kong Film Festival. When three friends open a hot pot restaurant in a former bomb shelter, they discover it’s linked by a single wall to the bank vault next door. While deciding to take the easy money or go to the police, they find out one of the bank’s employees is a former classmate and look to enlist her in deciding their future.

    Name: Chongqing Hot Pot

    Original name: 火锅英雄

    Director: Qing Yang

    Cast: Baihe Bai, Kun Chen, Hao Qin

    Release year: 2016

    Runtime: 97 min

    Status: Complete

    Country: Chinese

    Subtitles: English

    Genre: Thriller

  • Stars Baihe Bai, Kun Chen, Hao Qin
  • Director Qing Yang
  • Kind Chinese Movies
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    Chongqing Hot Pot 2016 Full Asian Movies