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    Bosomy Mom (2020) 가슴 큰 울 엄마
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    DOWNLOAD:                        http://bc.vc/dq9zFiw

    Directed by Lee Dong-joon-III (이동준)

    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    69min | Release date in South Korea : No release date in Korea yet
    Da-hee gets married to Min-soo who is older than her. Thanks to him, he also gets a son who is not too old, Jae-hyuk, who she tries to get acquainted with, albeit awkwardly. After staying with Na-yeon, she suddenly has to meet Jae-hyuk, and Na-yeon has a date with Jae-hyuk. Min-soo is surprised to find three people coming back home from a date. It made him angry to see his son with two women. Right away, Min-soo seeks Da-hee and asks about Na-yeon. Na-yeon met Min-soo secretly. However, Da-hee who is aware of Min-soo and Da-hee’s relationship, shares this fact to Jae-hyun.

    Bosomy Mom (2020) 가슴 큰 울 엄마

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    Bosomy Mom (2020) 가슴 큰 울 엄마