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    Ares Regression 2017 –  狩魔战纪
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    Title : Ares Regression
    Original Title : ARES REGRESSION / 狩魔战纪
    Release Date: January 20, 2017 (China)
    Starring : Gao Xiang, Wang Zhenyu, Gao Yuer, Liu Weizhou, Lu Jianwei
    Genres : Action
    Ares Regression 2017 – 狩魔战纪

    2015 transformation of the old city, the site found an unexploded bomb left during the war. Engineering team got EOD experts, but accidentally blown up a dusty underground laboratory.
    The laboratory has a complete preservation of a dusty long-frozen compartment, when the cabin starts again, was frozen in the cabin of the people slowly woke up, also opened on the “hunting magic division” in the history of mankind’s most mysterious veil .
    Sleeping 70 years of Su see the letter, with the unfinished mission and the loss of the new world, embarked on a strange and dangerous monsters trip.
    “Magic hunting division,” the mission and the undercurrent of dark forces, like surging in a calm world under. Su see the letter only traveled back to China in former comrades in arms in order to prevent the occurrence of a stunning catastrophe.

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    Ares Regression 2017 – 狩魔战纪