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    A Wife’s Affair (2018) 아내의 외도: 감독판
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    DOWNLOAD:      http://bc.vc/vsMoeBY

    아내의 외도: 감독판 (a-nae-eui oi-do: gam-dok-pan)
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    Directed by Lee Min-II (이민)

    •Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

    62min | Release date in South Korea : 2018/04/24
    Min-jae wants to try something new as her sex life with her husband is boring.
    She hunts down men on the streets for sex and even has phone sex to satisfy her needs with men other than her husband. Her husband senses she is different and puts up cameras all over the house before he goes on a business trip.
    Everything she does while he’s away gets filmed on camera and she doesn’t know when to stop…

    A Wife’s Affair (2018) 아내의 외도: 감독판

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    2 comment "A Wife’s Affair (2018) 아내의 외도: 감독판"

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      Like sex18+

    A Wife’s Affair (2018) 아내의 외도: 감독판